Sachin Vaze Horoscope

Sachin Vaze Horoscope

Astrological Analysis of Sachin Vaze

It is very disheartening when a person like Sachin Vaze who has immense administrational skill, power actually all his actions are against the nation. We all have heard the news of murder related to Mansukh Hiren and Antilia in the media. According to the Astrologer Prashant Kapoor in 3rd March 2004, when he was suspended from his post, at that time the planetary combination of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury played their role and the same combination was visible in his horoscope recently when his custodial took place. While explaining the past life of Sachin Vaze Mr. Kapoor is highlighting that in 2004, 3rd March there was a custodial death of a person called Kwaja Yunis, at that time along with Sachin Vaze 14 more police personnel were suspended. He is regarded as an encounter specialist and had done 63 encounters. The astrological position of Rahu reveals the mystery that has engulfed his life.  The kind of planetary position Sachin Vaze has indicated that he is a power-hungry, opportunist, and competent enough to move along with time. Prashant Kapoor has analysed Sachin Vaze’s horoscope, according to him a person with planetary positions like Sachin Vaze is very skilful in communication and knows how to extract work from others, how to achieve promotion in work by pushing or harming others.

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His planetary position also indicates that he was throughout getting assistance and support from political leaders, and those in power. According to astrology, his Saturn Mahadasa had started in July 2015. According to his astrological calculation till 5th April his life is under threat. His horoscope also reveals that Sachin Vaze has hidden assets and also connected with high profile industrialists. It also indicates that as time will pass he will reveal many secrets which not only threaten his existence but the existence of many industrialists connected with him. It is the influence of Saturn and Mercury in his kundali which has made a custodial situation for him, and Ketu indicates the period of April 2021 to May 2022 he will struggle to get bails. According to Prashant Kapoor’s astrological analysis, Sachin Vaze will encounter a long tenure of imprisonment and along with him, many powerful politicians will come under the limelight for criminal actions. His astrological study also indicates the strong influence of a female in Sachin Vaze’s life. According to Sachin Vaze’s kundali/natal chart, he explains that from 6th April onwards all his friends, co-workers will try to hurt him and go against him. His life partner will also face life-threatening and chronic diseases. So entire astrological analysis indicates long-term imprisonment, a strong legal case, life-threatening actions against Sachin Vaze. Prashant Kapoor also focuses on the fact that after 17 years, on 6th June 2020 govt. invited him back to his post and supported him too and on 14 June 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered. According to him, it can be a coincidence but astrologically there is a strong connection between the two cases many secrets are yet to reveal in the future.



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