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Sai Mantra and Its Benefits

Sai Mantra Benefits

Every person looks happiness and something better in the life such as good job, good fortune and new house. But sometimes even though all conditions are favorable people suffer misfortunes. This happens because of the misfortunes that get tagged with our lucky fortune. We try hard but still we’re unable to erase all those misfortunes so that we can reconquer happy moments of life.

Sidhi Sai Mantra gives new direction to life
These mantras provide new direction to life as all miseries are eradicated by this mantra. Here some powerful mantra of Shridhi Saibaba are described according to the problems that one faces in ,ife.

Sai Mantra For Progeny
Chant and write “Om Sesha Saine namaha” 108 times and do abhishekam to sai babas idol with cow’s milk for 51 days. Milk can be taken as Prasad and also feed 9 poor people for 6 Thursday.

Sai Mantra For Marital bliss
Chant and write “Om sri sai prema pradhaya namaha” 108 times.

Sai Mantra for getting married to the person you love
Chant and write “Om Siddha sankalpaya namah” 108 times for 41 days. Perform Sai Baba Archana along with white flower and offer white roses to Sai Baba.

Sai Mantra for avoid Untimely death
Chant and write “Om Mrithyunjayaya namaha” 108 times everyday for 90 days. Perform abhishekam to Sai Baba with black grape juice for 9 Saturday’s.

Sai Mantra For Better Eye Sight
Chant and write “Om Bhaskara Prabhavaaya namah” 108 times everyday till 41 days. Perform Deeparadhana every morning and evening in front of Sai Ido.

Sai Baba mantra is a very powerful mantra for healing the problems associated with misfortunes. Sometimes, we try hard for good luck and fortune but due to some past life deeds and karmas, luck eradicates from our life. Therefore enchanting powerful Sai Mantra can help to attract good luck and fortune in the life. It is also useful for improving relationship areas of life. This mantra can also help children to improve concentration in studies. Married couple facing problems in their relationship get good benefit while enchanting this powerful Sai Mantra



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