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Saturn Transit 2014 Report

The Graha (Saturn) is transiting to Zodiac sign Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. With this transition, a new set of Sade sati is beginning today. With this transit, three Moon ascendants will be under the impact of Sade Sati. These three ascendants are Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Natives who have Moon in Libra will experience the last phase of Sade sati. Natives with Moon in Scorpio will experience the second phase of Sade Sati and the natives with Moon in Sagittarius will experience the beginning of their shade sati. The entire person on this earth will be affected in some way or other. Some may be benefitted an some may bear pain and suffering. Each and every moment of Saturn/Shani is feared by all, without any exception. The word Sade Satee (Period of seven and half years) and Dhaiyya (Period of two and a half years) is sufficient to make one feared and worried.

You may love to hear the transit of Saturn from Libra to Scorpio, but it is advisable to know the actual and real effect of the transition.
The period of Sade Satee is a testing phase of Saturn ( shani mantra ). It is very well known to delay things so it becomes very likely that any auspicious events will take place. All the auspicious events are delayed in this period. It may be marriage, child birth, health, progeny, relationships and many more.
But, you should always remember that patience, perseverance, endurance, loyalty etc are highly linked with Saturn, so you should try to maintain these traits. Saturn is a great teacher and it has its own unique style of teaching.

You can get your detailed report of this Sade Satee from Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. In this report you will get the details about:
Negative effect of the movement of Saturn from Libra to Scorpio
Positive effect of the ovement of Saturn from Libra to Scorpio
Effect on health and professional life
Effective remedies to neutralize the negative impact of Saturn transit.



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