The Seven Chakras and Stones

The Seven Chakras and Stones

First Chakra – Base of Spine

Gemstones associated with chakras posses lot of health benefits. Red is the symbol of life, strength, vitality and the physical nature. Experiments have shown that plants gown under red glass shoot up four times more quickly than in ordinary sunlight. In nature, the red color is associated with heat, fire, anger just as we “turn red” when we are in a state of passion or anger. For healing, red is an excellent in all blood deficiency diseases. It should be used when there is emaciation, when hands and face assume a blue tinge. Stones are ruby, coral, garnet, red jasper and blood stones.

Second Chakra – Spleen

Orange is the symbol of energy. IT is composed of red and yellow. Red, as we know symbolizes personality and yellow symbolizes wisdom. Therefore, through an integration of these two, we can overcome anger and establish self-control. Stones are carnelian, fire opal and orange jasper.

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

Yellow is the symbol of mind, intellect, high intelligence, wisdom and the mental plane. It is a positive, magnetic vibration that has a tonic effect on the nerves. Yellow, therefore, is the great equalizer for irritable conditions. Stones are topaz, citrine and amber.

Fourth Chakra – Heart Center

Green is the symbol of harmony, sympathy, creativity, health, abundance and nature in general. It appears in the spectrum at the point of color balance, between the first three rays and the last three rays. For healing, green has a balancing vibration that is important to the nervous system. Stones for this chakra are emerald, jade, dioptase, moss agate, green jasper, aventurine, chrysoprase and malachite.

Fifth Chakra – Throat Center

Blue is the symbol of inspiration, devotion and infinity. It lifts, exalts and inspires one toward greater heights. For healing, the blue ray carries curative power in regard to any disease or blockage in the throat. Blue is associated with lack of warmth, it is used when inflammation is present, or when any internal bleeding or nervous condition exists.  Stones associated with this chakra are lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, sapphire and blue topaz.

Sixth Chakra – Pituitary Gland or Third Eye

The indigo ray is the symbol of the mystical borderland. It also gives spiritual attainment and self-mastery. This ray helps to aid the opening of the third eye, and it opens the doors to the subconscious. It can restore long buried soul memories. For healing, it is great for treatment of mental disorders. Stones associated with this chakra are indigo, sapphire and azurite.

Seventh Chakra – Crown or Pineal Gland

Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is the highest and most subtle specialization of light, and corresponds with the highest elements in our nature. It stands at the crown of the spectrum in contrast to red. The highest vibration is a blend of red and blue, and the process of transformation can be painful. Stones associated with this chakra are amethyst and fluorite.

Wearing appropriate stones according to your chakra can help a lot to heal your chakra. These stones are harmless and could bring great positive vibration.



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