Shami Tree For Saturn

Shami Tree for Saturn

Shami tree is called as Prosopis cineraria in botanical nomenclature. It is regarded as a spiritual tree in most of the states of India. But according to Vedic astrology, it is regarded as a spiritual tree that helps to remove the negative power of Saturn. Shammi tree is also known as Banni Mara and Khejri Tree, known for its spiritual benefits.

Saturn is the judge that brings justice for the deeds we have done in our life. Good placement of Saturn in the birth chart makes a person successful and regarded in the society. If it is afflicted in the horoscope, it can cause setbacks and other negative situations in life.Shami Tree can be placed near the entrance of your house. It helps to prevent negative energy from entering the house and also helps to remove some affliction of ill-placed Saturn in a horoscope. In the ancient era, worshipping Shami tree brings happiness and prosperity to the house. It is also associated with Lord Lakshmi and keeps her happy for wealth and prosperity in the house. This is a wonderful tree for enhancing the positive energy at home.

How to worship Shami Tree?
On Saturday keep a lit diya during evening near shami tree.
Water it in the morning after sunrise facing the Sun.
Vastu is also improved after keeping shami tree, so keep it near the entrance of your house for the maximum amount of positive energy.

Medicinal Use of Shami Tree
It can be used in anorexia (less appetite) as it is light to digest. This is also useful in a cough and other cold conditions. It is useful in skin infections, dysentery, diarrhoea, and other stomach problems.



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