Shani Jayanti 2017

Shani Jayanti 2017

Shani Jayanti and Its Significance
Shani Jayanti or Shanishchara Jayanti celebrated on amavasya (new moon day) of Krishnapaksha. It is a holy day to mark the birth of Lord Shani. On this day, Devotees observe all austerities and worship the mighty Saturn to get blessings of Shani Deva. This year Shani Jayanti is falling on 25th May on Thursday and it is a special day because due to Mahapanchak.

Who is Shani Dev?
According to vedic jyotish, Saturn or Shani is one of the nine major planets of the solar system and it revolves around the Sun in a slow manner. It is also called as ‘ Shaninschara’, Lord of the western direction. It is also called as Lord of justice. It is believe that by doing charity and Pooja anusthan, one gets relief from the wrath and the bade effects of the karma. The Hindus offer prayers to appease Lord Shani deva and to expel the negative effects of the karma committed by them. It is also considered a significant and very auspicious day to get rid of all obstacles.

The impact of Shani Dev
It is strongly advocated that the success and the failure of a person depends according to the placement of the Saturn’s in one’s horoscope. There is also an opinion that Saturn’s effect can cause bad luck if not well placed in a horoscope. It is a power that gives the most favorable life to a person and makes one strong to bear all the hardship and pains without losing faith and morality.

Rituals to be performed on Shani jayanti
Fast should be observed on this auspicious day.
The observer should wake up very early in the morning and should take bath in a holy river.
Peepal tree should be given due regards and should offer water to the same.
Devotee should recite Shani mantra, ‘ Om Shanishcharya Namah’ at leat 108 times.
Due Homage should be paid to Lord Hanuman to please Shani Deva.
The vrata observer should bath in holy water, panchamrit, mustard oil, sesame seeds and should make an offering to peanut oil, black pepper, cloves, pickle and basil leaves.
The observer should worship all the nine planets before starting Pooja rituals.



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