Shiva Lingam Stone - What it is

Shiva Lingam Stone – What it is

Shiva Lingam is a sacred stone worshipped by the Hindu religion. It increases vitality and positive energy around the environment. It improves overall health as it stimulates the complete body system. Shiva lingam stone aids in the overall improvement of the well being. But its vibration has a different action and it depends on the place in where it is placed. The word ‘lingam’ has come from the Sanskrit word for the symbol, and this stone represents a symbol of Lord Shiva.

Source of Shiva Lingam Stone
Shiva lingam stone comes from various sources, but the main source found up till now is the Narmada River in western India, one of the most holy sites of India. The villager gathers these stones from the river bank, and polishes it to make its surface smooth. The color of the stone is brown and tanned and has various spots on the surface. It has red or grey spots, stripes and patches on the surface.

Why Lingam In Specific Shape
The Shiva lingams are specifically made into a well-known shape because this shape is symbolic of the male part of the Lord Shiva, and its union with his consort Kali. This therefore makes the union of the both male and female and their union within one sacred object.

Kundalini Awakening By Shiva Lingam Stone
Shiva lingam carries excellent energy. It activates the Kundalini energy and helps to awaken the Kundalini. The Kundalini energy rises up the spine from the base of the root chakra through the spine and through each of the chakras.
For Kundalini activation, it should be used alone or can also be used with combination of other stone to activate Kundalini energy.

How to use it
Shiva lingam stone intensifies the vibration within a body. It intensifies the vibration of energy within the body. For healing of any reproductive problems, it assists the infertility, menstrual problems, impotence and other problems of fertility. It is also used for sacred tantric practices.
Shiva lingam helps to unite separated people as its energy gives a feeling of togetherness. It also acts within the throat chakra and helps to recognize the etheric body. Its resonance with the third eye chakra activates the visionary abilities in oneself. This stone also helps one to recognize the pineal gland, which helps to recognize the senses of the body.
Shiva lingam is also used as an object of beauty. Its energy carries strong unity of divinity. If you wish to become enlightened, then add this lovely stone into your life. It will bring prosperity, happiness, and a feeling of well being. All the physical and mental ailments are curd by keeping Shiva lingam stone. It carries an excellent positive energy, which helps to bring a positive aura within the whole body. It helps to recognize the senses of the body.

A combination with other stone
Shiva lingam can be best combined with quartz crystals. It can also be used with peach Morganite and yellow crystal quartz. If combined with serpentine, it aid in the awakening of the Kundalini.

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