Shravan Nakshatra Events 2018

Shravan Nakshatra Events 2018

Sharavana Nakshatra people are characterized by their small and attractive countenance. They are also known for their taste of food and are peaceful, religious and disciplined. They are also blessed with the capability of multi-tasking. People in this filed perform well in the science and technology field.

Shravan Nakshatra is the 22nd birth star among 27 Nakshatra in Hindu astrology or Jyothisha. The nakshatra falls in Makar Rashi (Capricorn Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang, and traditional calendar.

Shravan Nakshatra Career – Job – Business 2018
• Those who are looking for new job may get the same and advancement in career is also foreseen.
• This is a good year for bankers, professional and people who are in the medical field.
• This year may be bad for the people who are in armed force, research and in transport.
• You will get desired promotion in your job.
• Try to avoid unwanted fight and contradictions.
• There can be transfer to some remote location.

Shravan Nakshatra Finance – Money – Luck 2018
• It is a good year for buying new home, vehicle and property.
• Try to avoid huge investments as it may cause trouble in future.
• Bad behavior may be a matter of concern, so better, avoid it.
• There can be planning of vacations.
• You may be unhappy with family members.
• Try to be honest and clear in financial dealings.
• You will regret new things and will think over the amount of money that you will invest.

Shravan Nakshatra – Relationship – Love – Marriage 2018
• Marriage is on the cards, those who are wishing for it.
• Love matters may face resistance and there can be rejection of proposal.
• You will decide to break away from friend due to his bad behavior.
• You will try to correct big mistake made in life.
• Things that are finished should be ignored now.

Shravan Nakshatra Health 2018
• There can be some expensive medical treatment.
• Pregnant one should look for careful medical treatment.
• Eye ailments and bone related symptoms are foreseen.
• Try to take care of your heart and cardiovascular system.

Offer prayers to your Lord Devta daily. Read Holy books related to your religion according to your belief. Keep yourself calm.



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