Swati Nakshatra Characteristics

Swati Nakshatra Characteristics

Swati Nakshatra Characteristics
1. Saraswati, is the goddess of learning and is the female deity associated with Swati.

2. This is an intellectual nakshatra and it demonstrates excellent communication skills.

3. This is a Moveable Nakshatra, it has love for educational travel and the need for positive changes is often seen.

4. The natives of this nakshatras are beautiful and good at art and craft.

5. They are also good at social skill and are inclined towards social networking site.

6. They are flexible so they can adjust anywhere easily.

7. The symbol of Swati is a single blade of grass blowing and reflecting an autonomous nature.

8. They have an excellent quality of patience.

9. They have the capacity to achieve justice through personal power.’

10. They are unaware of their limitations and creates high expenses and discontented lofty goals.

11. Swati Nakshatra people do good as singers, musician and artists.

12. Business skills, sales and travel industry are good for them.

13. They excel in stock broking and traders for drugs and alcohol.

14. There favorable activities are business trade, art and science, diplomacy, business and trade agreement, social events, money transactions, breathing exercise, calmness and commencing education.

15. But these people suffer from anger and travel behavior.



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