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Star Ruby Gemstone Information

Star Ruby Gemstone Information

Star Ruby is a precious gemstone that exhibits a star-like phenomenon also known as asterism. Star Rubies contain intersecting needle-like inclusions (often the mineral rutile, a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide) that cause the appearance of a six-rayed ‘star’-shaped pattern in Star Ruby when viewed with a single overhead light source. The shape of a star on the surface is the most remarkable phenomena encountered in the world of colored gemstones. This optical occurrence is quite rare, being only found in a very small percentage of the rubies mined around the world.

When observing Ruby, it has to be cleared that the value of a Star Ruby depends not only on the carat weight of the stone but also on the body color, visibility and intensity of the asterism. The ancients were the first who regarded star ruby gems as a powerful talisman and a guiding star for travelers and seekers of all kinds. They were powerful enough to continue to protect the wearer even after being passed on to someone else. The three rays of light that are present are said to symbolize trust, hope and destiny.
Sapphire and Ruby belongs to the mineral corundum. Sapphires are the class of corundum of all colors except red as red belongs to ruby. Pure Corundum is colorless, but sapphires results from the combination of titanium and iron oxides.

Why Buy Loose Gemstones Instead of Astrokapoor?

There are many reasons, but basically it boils down to value and choice.
It is easy to buy loose gemstones because they are less expensive and gives better value. You can really see what you are paying for. The most important thing before buying is to see what you are paying for. A jewelry setting hide the flaws and the inclusions of the gemstone so buying loose gemstone is more profitable in comparison to buying jewelry set.
The second advantage of buying loose gemstone is you can go for your choice. You are free to pick the exact color, cut and the variety of the stone for the setting of your dreams, be it silver gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver. You can gt good experience and joy of creating your own, one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

There are many sources of ruby. The most prominent source of top quality rubies are from the mankind in Mogok Stone tract of Burma. This is one the world’s premier source of gem trade rubies for over 800 years. Fine examples can also be find in Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and few other sources but none can be compared with the purity and intensity of the finest “pigeon blood” rubies of Burma.
In the capital of Burma in Rangoon in the katha district of Northern Burma, there lies 180 square kilometer zones that are landed with heavy jungled hills, several ethnic groups. For several years this region there is an evidence of lot of human blood split pigeon’s blood in the quest of the prized “padamya” the Burmese term for ruby.

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