Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Star Ruby An asteriated variety of ruby with normally six chatoyant rays are known as Star Ruby. It does not occur in complete transparency, because the star can only be produced by the presence of needle-like inclusions. Star rubies are very valuable. The most remarkable observable fact of rubies is the development of the six ray star, arranged in perfect symmetry. When the stone is moved, it shifts its center and is clearly visible under a single light source such as the sun or a lamp. In multiple light sources, many stars are seen. Each light produces its own star, which is basically a reflection. The effect is usually less pronounced in more transparent stones. When the base color is ruby red it is known as Star Ruby.

This stone increases the internal strength and reduces tensions. Star Ruby eliminates stress-related problems like Migraine, Insomnia, and Hysteria etc. Traditionally it is worn by warrior in the battlefields to protect themselves from the enemy.

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