Buy Certified Sugilite gemstone is named after the Japanese geologist, who is the discoverer of this stone in the year 1944, known as Ken-ichi-Sugi. Sugilite is also named under the trade names of Royal Azel, Lavulite, and Royal Lavulite. It is found in Japan, Canada, South Africa and India. The most important deposit of Sugilite was found in the Kalahari Desert of Northern South Africa. Geologist discovered large deposit of Sugilite below 3200 feet of the original deposit.

Properties: Sugilite is opaque having a waxy lustre. It can also be in the color of pale gray, lavender to deep dark purple color. It often contains black matrix, reddish brown or yellow-tinged patches. It is rarely translucent and is present in all sizes. It has a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale, very similar to lapis lazuli. Sugilite which are bright purple with little matrix are considered very valuable in the gem industry. The stones from South Africa are of very good quality, and opaque with black spots all over the surface

Benefits: This stone balances the mind and the body. It encourages peace of mind and brings feeling of general well being. This stone is very useful for psychic healing and helps to strengthen psychic abilities. It has a unique metaphysical vibration. It owes this due to its atomic structure. Sugilite is also known as “the healer’s stone” as it aids in physical healing. Crystal healer use Sugilite for healing eye, heart, and crown chakra. It teaches you how to live from your truth and reminds the soul of its reasons. It is believed to bring relief for the cancer sufferers, as it releases emotional trauma. It draws off negative energy. Mentally, this stone encourages positive thoughts.

Sugilite in Healing
Sugilite is an excellent pain reliever. It has manganese as its constituent, and it helps to clear headache and discomfort at all levels. It treats epilepsy and motor disturbances. It brings the nerves and brain in one alignment. Light colored Sugilite purifies lymph and blood.



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