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Surya Grahan June 2020

June 2020 Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan – Find out for which zodiac it will bring luck

The Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan occurs when a portion of the mother Earth is engulfed by a shadow casted by the Moon, the satellite of earth which fully or partially blocks sunlight. This occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are comes in the same line. Such alignment coincides with a new moon, indicating the Moon is closest to the ecliptic plane. In a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the disk of the Sun completely. In partial solar eclipse, only part of the Sun is obscured.

In the year 2020, 21st June there will be a Solar Eclipse which is believed to be visible in India, America, Europe and Africa. Solar energy is the glowing energy that is produced by the Sun. Every day, the Sun emits an enormous amount of energy. The amount of solar energy Earth receives depends on several conditions. Mostly, it depends on latitude – as it relates to the season of the year, the angle of the Sun, and the amount of daylight hours, but it also depends on the clearness or cloudiness of the sky.

Impact of solar eclipse on society as a whole

The event of Solar Eclipse will have detrimental effect on India and all over the world. There will be War-like situation on Nepal, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Pakistan and China. Political conditions of these places will face lot of negative challenges.

Stock market all over the world will be crushed resulting in poor economic condition. There will be a major upheaval in socio –political condition of India as internal political fight will upraise, government may face strong opposition from common people and need to control the situation in strong hand.

The Eclipse will also result in various natural calamities in India and other parts of world which will lead to lot damages and loses.

Impact of Solar Eclipse on individual horoscope

ARIES may start or end an intense relationship and decide to get married (or divorced) start a family or spend big money on a new leisure activity, exciting vacation or gamble.

TAURUS will emphasis on matters related to home, buying, selling, constructing or improving property. They may start a home-based business and deal with close family issues.

GEMINI will experience a very gratifying eclipse. Community and civic affairs get their attention. Good time for self-improvement, buying vehicles, upgrading electronics and reconnecting with siblings and cousins. Try to ignore those ideas which are practically not possible to execute.

CANCER For cancer this eclipse will bring some unnecessary expenses in the field of finance.. Money comes in or goes out big-time. Money will be spent on food, kitchen remodelling, cooking tools or classes.

LEO will make dramatic changes in their environment to show the world recognizes them. They will get the joy back into their lives. Money will be spent on improving personal appearance and making social connections.

VIRGO   this Eclipse will bring a re-evaluating time on their life’s path, clearing away jealousy or greed issues. It’s a good time to get involved in helping others. Stay positive!

LIBRA will be focusing on friendships and popularity. Joining clubs, organizations or teaming up at work. You will decide to reach out to help others in the society.

SCORPIO will experience this eclipse as all about the job. They need to advance or make a change with their attitude and behaviour. Power issues with bosses, landlords or parents will get settled down. Be a leader!

SAGITARIUS will   get a new contract on life! They will balance work and family, make travel plans, learn a language and become more spiritually involved. You may be take up new venture on teaching or coaching..

CAPRICORN will find new creative ways to make money. Loans, inheritance, settlements, profit-sharing, taxes and self-employment opportunities will come up.

AQUARIAN this Eclipse will bring some improvement in personal relationships. Business partnerships may begin or end. A spouse or close friend needs your support and advice. Legal struggles end.

PISCES will be focusing on jobs, pets, daily activities/routines, taking or delegating responsibilities. You have to focus on your health and personal habits. It’s important not to neglect any health issue.

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