Synthetic Emerald

Synthetic Emerald

Synthetic Emerald or Lab Created Emerald

The emerald green variety is the only one which is manufactured synthetically on an industrial scale. It becomes difficult to differentiate between a Natural Emerald and a Synthetic Emerald.

Appearance– Synthetic Emerald is usually quite a strong emerald green with a bluish tinge, and in comparison to natural emerald, the step or trap cut is normally used, mixed oval or pear-shaped cut being very rare. Their outward appearance is very similar to natural emeralds.

Features of Synthetic Emerald– This stone is normally distinguished by their inclusion. In the case of hydrothermal synthetic emeralds, the inclusions are not so much different from natural emeralds, but they are “oddly” arranged in relation to the growth lines and are positioned like mirror images of one another. Emeralds produced by the flux melt process contain whitish residue of flux material trapped in cracks that developed during formation. Synthetic Emeralds are too clean and they look shiny like a mirror.

It is not easy to distinguish between Synthetic and Natural emerald without a good microscope, a lens and lab test.

Cost– The cost of stones with few inclusions is quite high equal to prized secondary gems, but much lower than that of natural gems.



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