Time Period to Own a House or Landed Property

Time Period to Own a House or Landed Property

Role of Houses and planets responsible for owning a house

A dream house is a wish for everyone. When will time be lucky to own our house is clearly written in our horoscope? Yes, it is! In astrological science, there has been given various planetary combinations but sometimes they do not work in current time. Therefore, the horoscopes should be properly and carefully analyzed. It is certain that fourth house is the key house and fourth lord is the key planet. Mars, Venus and Jupiter are the planets which have to be analyzed for possibility of owing a house.

Dasha and transits when one can acquire house or property
Houses are made or bought in the period or dashas of Jupiter Venus and Mars. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth and if it is aspecting the first eighth or twelfth house then there is a high possibility of owing a house. Eighth house is fourth from fourth and three houses promises having a house and those houses are fourth eighth and eleventh house. Placement of Venus in the fourth house is considered best for owning a good looking house and exalted Venus and Jupiter in fourth house is best combination for the same.

Jupiter, first, fourth, eighth and tenth house are important
Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. If it is placed in the first, fourth eighth or tenth house there are more indication of owing a house. If Jupiter is malefic in this condition it still assures house but that might be old or not good looking. If Jupiter and Venus, both are associated with first, fourth and eighth house then it indicates a beautiful house. The role of Chathurthamsa chart is also important for knowing the conditions for a good house.

Role of Mars Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu
Placement of fourth lord in the eighth gives sudden property and it can be house. If the planet associated is Mars, then chances increases. In such situation one can gain unexpected inherited property. Presence of Rahu in fourth house is bad for owing a house and even if the person buys the same he might deal it with selling land. If combination of Saturn and Sun in the fourth house, then one is always worried about house and generally lives as a tenant.



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