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Top 20 Benefits of Rhodonite

Top 20 Benefits of Rhodonite

Rhodonite balances the emotions. Rhodonite nurtures love and encourages the brotherhood of humanity. Rhodonite is found in pink to red in color. Its surface is soft mottled, often with black small and tumbled. Rhodonite is easily obtained. This stone is commonly found in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.
Rhodonite gemstone provides immense benefit to the wearer. It is works very well on the heart chakra. Rhodonite brings confidence in one’s life.
• Rhodonite is an emotional balancer. It balances and nurtures the love.
• Rhodonite stone stimulates clears and activates the heart and the heart chakra.
• Rhodonite heals emotional shock and panic and lends a supportive energy to the soul during the process.
• Rhodonite is useful stone to turn back insults and prevent retaliation.
• Rhodonite balances and integrates physical and mental energies. It also builds confidence and alleviates confusion.
• Rhodonite clears away the emotional wounds and scars from the past.
• Rhodonite is beneficial in the case of emotional destruction. It has a strong resonance with forgiveness and assists in reconciliation.
• Rhodonite is an excellent injury healer that also cures insect bites.
• Rhodonite stone treats chronic inflammation of joints and arthritis, autoimmune disease, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis.
• Rhodonite if used as an elixir gives relief from shock and trauma.
• Rhodonite stimulates the pineal gland and brings intuitive guidance.
• Psychologically, Rhodonite enhances self – esteem and self – worth. It is an excellent stone to keep you anchored.
• Rhodonite can also dissolve kidney stones and hardened tissues.
• Rhodonite facilitates a deep state of meditation in which inner and outer journeys may be made.
• Rhodonite can access karmic wisdom and strengthens the soul, wisdom, body and mind.
• Rhodonite is a useful stone for the past life healing. It can remove the sufferings of the past and brings positivity in the life.
• Rhodonite beads if worn as jewelry studded in a pendant can protect one from the negative environmental vines.
• Rhodonite brings selfless love and compassion. It also expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with material energies.
• Rhodonite encourages positivity attitude and enhances the dream states and creativity.
• Rhodonite encourages the positive expression of feelings, including passionate and erotic urges.

Rhodonite Gemology
Chemical Formula – Manganese Silicon Dioxide
Color – Red, Pink
Crystal – Triclinic
Transparency – Opaque
Mineral Class – Rhodonite



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