Top 8 Benefits of Violet Sapphire

Top 8 Benefits of Violet Sapphire

Violet Sapphire is related to the higher mind and the intuition governing it. The Sapphire stone is known to bring spirituality and clarity to the wearer. Violet Sapphire is a unique sapphire and it removes unnecessary worries and opens up the crown chakra, the epicenter of the spirituality. It helps to instill a sense of calmness and unity and is an excellent contributor towards meditation. A variety of Corundum, a mineral of aluminum oxide, the Violet Sapphire, gets its violet hue due to the presence of vanadium, which creates shades from lavender to violet to deep purple. The source of Corundum is from many places and is used in cutting . The notably corundum comes from Sri Lanka and Kashmir with the most prominent comes from Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Purple (violet) Sapphire Gemstone Uses and Benefits.
• Sapphire act as professional support stone, Violet Sapphire, especially in the paler shades, is an epitome of wise leadership and brings honesty in business dealings. This stone is very beneficial for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.
• It is known to bring calming effect on the wearer. It strengthens the veins and also helps in dealing with the blood-related problems. It helps to calm the mind and regulates the glands.
• Violet sapphire negates unnecessary worries and removes emotional instability. This stone helps in re-establishing balance and reaffirming faith.
• It helps to regain the lost confidence.
• Violet Sapphire helps to stimulate and balance the crown chakra and opens up the gateway to the expanded universe which is beyond our imagination. An imbalanced chakra can bring problems in the mental life, therefore a balance Crown chakra opens up the gateway to the expanded universe which is much more beyond our imagination.
• This is a stone of awakening and helps to increase the spiritual beliefs and astuteness.
• It brings calm energy within our body and is an ideal stone for meditation.
• Violet sapphire brings lost hope at the helps to increase positive energy in the life of the wearer.

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