Ulexite Gemstone-TV Stone

Ulexite Gemstone-TV Stone

Ulexite Gemstone
Ulexite is a composition of hydrated sodium borate hydroxide, sometimes also called as TV Rock. Ulexite is found in evaporite deposits and precipitated Ulexite commonly form a “cotton balls” of acicular crystal. It is also called as borate mineral as its chemical formula has contains boron and oxygen. It has an unusual optical characteristic so, also called as TV rock. Its fibre optic property makes it a TV stone. If this stone is piled above another object, the image of the object will seem to appear at the top of the slice, similar to the images that appear on a TV screen. These crystals act as optical fibres and transmit light along their length by internal reflection.

Ulexite is an interesting stone and it may be either colourless or white. It is clear, silky, squarish crystal sometimes lightly striated and it magnifies.

Source of Ulexite
It is found in USA near California Mountains and deserts.

Why Should You Use It ?
Ulexite is best known for its ability to magnify anything placed under it. It is an extremely clear stone and brings things into focus on the inner and spiritual levels, lending much-needed objectivity and clarity. It is excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams and visions. Ulexite shows the path one should take at a spiritual level and takes you deep into self.

At a more pragmatic level, Ulexite takes you to the core of a problem, pointing the way to resolution and activating solutions. It is a stone of revelation in the physical world. It gives you the ability to see into another’s heart.

Mentally Ulexite’s soft energy is beneficial for meditation and relaxation. Placed on the third eye, it enhances visualization and dispels negative mental energy. It enhances the imagination and stimulates creativity, especially in business.

Healing Properties of Ulexite
Ulexite is used to bring clarity to the eyes. It is an excellent as a skin elixir for smoothing wrinkles, but should not be left in water for too long, as it has a tendency to dissolve.

Wear or place as an appropriate, especially on the eyes and third eye. Ulexite makes an excellent meditation stone.



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