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Unique Properties of Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is one of the most fascinating gemstone that can be worn in place of diamond. The first prominent thing to be noticed about Herkimer diamond is that it is actually not a diamond, but they are the formed quartz that are double terminated. This shows a illusion effect that they are diamonds.

There are named as Herkimer after they were discovered near to the area of Herkimer country, located in the state of New York. These are the gemstones that are the quite sought after the gem collectors because people love the double terminated style of quartz. The Herkimer diamonds are very unique and are called as rare gemstones. They are generally found in Germany, New York, England, China and Canada.

Holistic Properties Of Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamond has lot of healing properties. These are also called as an “attunement stones”, means that it can help a person to remain close to someone who is moving away and also helps in healing the situation. Herkimer diamond is also called as ‘stone of love’ because it helps in healing the relationship with the partner. Herkimer diamond is the best stone for the one who is looking for a stable relationship. The person who is suffering from the anxiety and the depression can wear Herkimer diamond to get the maximum benefit for the same. This is a very powerful stone and is also capable of strengthening the benefits of other stones. Herkimer diamonds are also helpful in healing that includes increasing the light energy with the body to fight illness and for these reasons Herkimer diamonds are used as an alternative therapies by the spiritual healers.

Herkimer diamonds carry numerous properties and it helps the travellers and the people suffering from depression to get over the issues. Herkimer diamond is also a stone of the healers and it helps lot to heal from the negative situation of life.  Sometimes we suffer from anxiety and other nervous disorders, so in this case, Herkimer diamond proves to be as best healing gemstone.

The cost of gemstone depends on the quality of the stone. The most expensive Herkimer diamond can be found between the prices of 100 to 1000 INR per carat. But sometimes, the price may vary due to the mine to which it belongs.

Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

The jewelry made by this stone is unique and it helps to increase the beauty of the gemstones and jewelry. It has unique characteristics which helps to attract the positive vibrations of the universe and hence forth increases the positive energy in the life of the wearer. If you’re suffering from depression or any problem in the love life, then wearing Herkimer Diamond can help to ease of the running negative situation and can help to manifest good positive vibes in the life. If not possible to wear jewelry, then you can also keep the Herkimer diamond beads under the pillow or can wear as earrings and bracelet.

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