Vaastu Tips For Relationship

Vaastu Tips For Relationship

Vaastu Tips for Happy Married Life
Everyone wants to enhance the life with good marital life. Everyone wants to enhance the lady luck of the life. Several kinds of divination is used for enhancing the lady luck of the life. Each individual is related to a particular number and according to his/her date of birth and place of birth which decides the favourable and unfavourable directions and related elements of Vaastushastra.
Vaastushastra can provide tip and guidance to each and every individual for a good and happy marital relation. Vaastushastra is a sacred science of India, which helps to bring harmony and peace in the life of the person.
If there is some trouble in the marital life, then there are some tips which can help to improve the positive energy in the bedroom, in which we spend most of the time.
1. The door is the pathway of entrance into the room. It should open in the ninety degrees fully to allow the positive energy to enter the room.
2. Always sleep your head towards the south, it allows the positive energy to come from the north direction. The blood in the body contains minerals and iron. When you sleep towards the south it brings positive vibes from the North Pole.
3. Don’t keep a mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed. It can disturb the sleep.
4. Keep positive though banner and slogan in the bedroom. Upon entering the room, it will give a feeling of peace and serenity.
5. Never sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. Let only pleasant thoughts rule your mind.
6. Keep everything clean and fresh in the bedroom. A dusky and black ornament can bring negative energy in the home.
7. Do not spend time in the bedroom, when you are feeling sad, tired and unhappy.
8. Place something which relates to the personal element. Keep things which symbolize love to you.
9. Remove unwanted things form the bedroom. Keep flowers in a vase in the centre of the table.
10. Hang bells from beams and slanted ceilings as it will bring positive energy in the house.
If implemented correctly Vaastushastra can turn your life for a better prospect. Apart from the relationship, it can also enhance the career, health, education and finance life.



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