Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu Shastra is a very old science. Vastu is derived from the root Sanskrit word” Vaas” which means to reside. Vastu for bedroom defines, bedroom as a place that should be occupied with positive energies. Vaastu science helps people to live a stressful life. According to Vastu science, each direction has its unique characteristics. It deals with living life both in accordance with desire and reality. It is based on the principles which have a scientific rationale.A bedroom is a place where we spend most of the time. it gives peace and comfort in life. After a busy working day, this place should give peace to the body and mind. Vastu for a bedroom is essential for the attainment of peace and comfort in life.

The bedroom is that portion of one’s house, where a person rests and refreshes after the days of hard work. It is essential that the location of the bedroom should be selected after a thoughtful decision. A beautifully decorated bedroom with all modern comforts may not ensure sound sleep and rest to a person if it’s against Vaastu. The direction in which a person keeps his head during sleep, also determines whether he will have a peaceful or disturbed sleep.

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Master bedroom should be on the northwest or southwest side of the house.

Children should have bedrooms in the northwest or west.

Unmarried children should have a bedroom in the East.

North East side of the house should have no bedroom, as it is the sacred space of the house.

Students should have a bedroom in the West, it is good for their studies.

A south-west bedroom gives strength and stability to deal with important issues.

Northwest bedroom is good for a newlywed couple.

A bedroom shouldn’t be in the central portion of the house, as it affects a lot of energy and is not good for sleep and comfort.

Southeast area of the house shouldn’t have any bedroom, as it represents a quadrant of the fire and it can lead to hot temperament. It can cause irritation, worries and sleepness.

According to Vastu principles, objects of reading and writing should be in the east or west side of the bedroom.

Vastu says that head should be placed towards the east or the south to enjoy a sound sleep.

Frequently asked Questions for Bedroom Vastu

Should we have an equal number of windows on all sides of the house?

No, there should be a maximum number of windows opening towards north and east, if possible.

Which bedroom is ideally good for a teenage girl?

The bedroom for the teenage girl should be in the south-east portion.

Which bedroom should be there for a teenage boy?

The bedroom in the east or northeast would be suitable.

In which direction the legs of the children should be placed while sleeping?

Their legs should be towards the east.

How to decrease quarrel between the husband and the wife?

Bedroom should be in the south-west corner.

In which direction, master of the house should keep his leg while sleeping?

Being the master of the house, legs should be towards the north.

Is there any truth in the belief, that sleeping under the beam leads to trouble?

Of course! It should be avoided to sleep under the beams.

Where should the telephone be placed in the bedroom?

It should be kept in the west or south-east corner.

What is the appropriate place for TV in the bedroom?

Southeast corner is appropriate for placing TV

Where should the mirror be placed in the bedroom?

Northern or Eastern walls are the best place to be kept.

What is the ideal place for heavy wardrobes and shelves in the bedroom?

Southwest is the best place for them.

What should be the shape of the bedroom?

A square or rectangular shape is best for peace and comfort in life.



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