Vastu Shastra and Plots

Vastu Shastra and Plots

Vastu Shastra is a very old science which originates from Atharveda. Vastu Shastra is very useful to outline the construction of houses and other structures. It is also defined as a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vastu Shastra texts are found on the Indian subcontinent that describes the principle of design layout, measurement, space arrangement and ground geometry. The design of Vastu is intended to integrate architecture with nature. While making a new house or before buying new plots, a proper Vastu consultation will bring prosperity and growth in the life.
According to Vastu, all objects in the world are made of the following elements namely – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. In Sanskrit, they are called as “Panchbhoot”. Now let us throw a light on the rules of Vastu for buying a plot.

Free Vastu Shastra Tips For Selecting a Plot

A) Vastu for a shape of Plots for houses
• It should be square or nearly rectangular, breadth and length ratio shouldn’t be more than 1:2
• The triangular shape is not good. Round and all other shapes are also not good for house construction.
• If a plot is against the principles of Vastu, it should be corrected before final registration.

B) Vastu for Industrial houses and Business concern
• The shape of the plot also differs according to the type of business.

C) Angles of Plots
• See angles of the plots. If all the angles are 90 degrees, it is good.
• Southwest angles should be 90 degree
• Northwest should be close to 90 degrees or little more but not less than 90 degree
• Northeast should be close to 90 degrees or less but never excess of 90 degree

D) Location and direction of plots
• Plots should be faced east or north. It is preferable when facing west and south. Special care has to be taken while designing a house facing west and south.

E) Vastu plots facing Roads
• Plots having two or more roads bring more happiness and discard evils. North and East roads are best. South and West roads are good for business people. North and east road are good for women and women’s organization. The north-west block is also good for the plot.

F) Cellars
• East cellar is good, west is not good
• South cellar is bad, the north cellar is good
• Northwest and Southeast cellar are not good
• Northeast is good but southwest is not good

G) Vastu levels of the plots
• The inside of the plot should have high ground level towards the south and west and should be lowest in the north and east. Levels of southeast and northeast should be more or less equal northwest and southeast levels should be higher than the northeast.
• The same principles apply towards the levels of the outside plot. East and north level of the adjoining plot or road should be low. South and west of the plot may have hillocks and mounts that are good beneficially ponds, tanks and rivers should be in north or east and northeast.
A high building constructed towards south or west or southwest of the plot is good for prosperity. If any pond and tank or well or valley or ditches etc are constructed towards southwest outside the plot will give bad result. Well is also considered auspicious and inauspicious. The well constructed on the east side means it should be in first half of the plot towards the north. A well in the south, west or southwest is not good for prosperity.

Therefore, before buying before buying nay plot and construction it is essential to consult a proper and an expert Vastu Shastra expert.



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