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vastu and sleep position

Vastu and Sleep Position

As sleeping is one of the most essential requirements of a healthy life, sleeplessness can lead to stress, worries and poor performance of the body. In the long run, the body becomes weak and can affect your health also. It is essential that we sleep in the position that is effective for our health. Vastu Shastra is a science that elaborates the right sleeping position for maintaining good health and luck.

Head towards North – The worst sleeping position as per Vastu
This is the position in which the dead bodies are placed while mourning. North direction is the route which is accompanied by the good soul after leaving the body. This position is not recommended for sleep. The earth’s magnetic lines run north-south when head is placed towards north, and the magnetic pull will strain your brain. Therefore it is recommended to arrange the bed in away not to keep head towards north while sleeping.

Head towards South – The best sleeping position as per Vastu
This is the best sleeping position and can help you to make rich and healthy. It is very useful for bringing prosperity. While sleeping in the south direction, one gets peace of mind and also find a great improvement in the health since south is associated with positive energy.

Head towards East Direction – the source of energy and power as per Vastu
Sleeping towards east also brings great benefits. It brings energy and powerful vibes in the life. It helps to overcome obstacles. This is very good for the students as it brings remarkable improvement in their studies.

Head towards West – the source of success as per Vastu
This is a moderately sleeping position. If you will you will steer your life towards success, then this is the right sleeping position for the same. By sleeping towards West, you will have a feeling of flourishing and a productive life. Name , fame and success comes remarkable towards a person who sleeps towards west



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