Varities of Quartz

Varieties of Quartz

Varieties of Quartz
Quartz is the most common mineral found on the Earth’s surface. It occurs in various forms with different colours and forms. Quartz various varieties comes from its distribution and abundance found on the earth’s surface. The specimens of quartz can be separated by differentiating it based on color, shape, pyramidal, twinned, phantomed, coated, tapered, microcrystalline, and banded. Multiple combinations of quartz can give hundreds of unique possibilities for their specification.

Scepter Quartz
Scepter quartz is a large central rod around one end of which another crystal is formed. It is also available in a smaller form with a quartz rod with a distinctive ridge and wider top, and as a reversed scepter in which a small crystal or opaque point emerges from a larger base stone. Reversed Quartz scepters transmit healing energy, cleanse it and then return it to the healer. They free the mind from the illusion and bring it to a point of stillness. A Selenite scepter can be sued to cut out diseased or damaged parts of the etheric blueprint that carry the imprint of past-life wounds from the physical or emotional level and that have impinged on the present-life body.

Sheet Quartz
A sheet quartz is a clear, flat layer often between two crystals. It provides a window into other dimensions, facilitating communication and its helps to accesses the Akashic Record. It can be widely used to contact relevant past lives and to know the inner self. This crystal encourages the fullest use of psychic potential, stimulates the third eye, and enhances the spiritual vision.

Spiral Quartz
Spiral quartz has a distinct twist down its axis and is beneficial for maintaining balance at any level. It helps to draws universal energy into the body and anchors during meditation. It stimulate the rise of kundalini through the chakras and clears the blockages.

Laser Quartz
Laser Quartz is a naturally formed long, slender Quartz crystal that tapers toward the termination with small faces. Its slides are slightly curved. This extremely powerful instrument should be always used with caution. It shouldn’t be randomly pointed at anyone else and must be used with clarity of intention. Laser quartz focuses, concentrates and accelerates the energy passing through the tight beam that acts like a laser. The wand made of laser quartz helps to detach entities or attachments and ties to other people, and cuts away negativity of all kinds.

Tourmalinated Quartz
This Quartz is a strand of tourmaline running through it. It is effective for anyone who is suffering from “buttoned down tight”, whether from stress or trauma. It helps in gently clearing the blockage of energy and helps in opening of healing energy. Tourmalinated Quartz dissolves destructive patterns and behaviors that has been carried forward from other lives and alleviates negativity from the present life.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz is an excellent crystal for removing the negative energy and provides protection for the same. It purifies the earth chakra and neutralizes the effect of any geopathic stress. It can be used anywhere on the body where negative energy surrounds the body.

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