various yogas in astrology

Various Yogas In Astrology

How to Judge Yoga In Astrology

There are very rare yogas in astrology. What are they? Just read a brief introduction of all.

  1. Dhruva Yoga – A person born under this yoga is of very calm nature and this yoga also gives physical strength to the person. The person gets love from each aspect of life. Dhruva yoga is one of the various yogas formed in astrology.
  2. Vyaghat Yoga – This yoga is a powerful yoga and the person born under this yoga is expert in doing various kinds of work. These are very talented people and skilled people. They achieve success in life.
  3. Harshan Yoga – People who are born under this yoga are expertise in their field and they have multiple proficiency and they are also appreciated by the society.
  4. Vajra Yoga – This is also a very good yoga and this yoga gives immense support to the native especially to the hands. The physical power and stamina is good in this yoga and this makes native very skilled in all physical endevours. vajra yoga is one of an important yoga formed in astrology.
  5. Siddha Yoga – This yoga makes a person very proficient in each occupation and has a dedicative and attentive nature. They are beautiful people and lead a happy. They have also compassionate nature and they also help and donate to disabled people. But this yoga can cause health problem. Siddha yoga is a combination of various yogas in astrology.
  6. Variyan Yoga – The characteristics of this yoga is that the native is very good in music, dance and other art and they also achieve quick success if they try in these fields. They are very determined and rest only after achieving their goals. This yoga makes one strong and powerful. Variyan yoga is an important part of various yoga in astrology.

Very Rare Various Yogas In Astrology

  1. Paridhi Yoga – The native of this yoga is intelligent and have knowledge of many subjects. The inputs of this yoga can be clearly seen in their personality. They are soft spoken people and they enjoy their family life.
  2. Shiva Yoga – The person born under this yoga possesses vast knowledge and the effects of this yoga are widely visible in their personality. They are very talented and have varied knowledge.
  3. Siddha Yoga – People born under this yoga have liking for tantra and mantra, and they also worship the related god for this purpose. They have an attractive physical appearance and intelligent spouse.
  4. Sadhya Yoga – The people born under this yoga have fetish performance. Patience is their special characteristics and they wait for the fruits of their labour. They have patience and don’t take any decision in haste.
  5. Shubha Yoga – This is a very auspicious yoga and natives who are born under this yoga are very beautiful and intelligent and talented too. They have good and abundant wealth and never face any financial problem.
  6. Shukla Yoga – Natives of this yoga are skilled in each aspects of their life. They are very fond of their poetry and are educated people and have a courageous soul.
  7. Brahma Yoga – This yoga is auspicious for the native born in this. They have knowledge and they gain this from the Vedas. They have deep faith in god.
  8. Aindra Yoga – Natives born under this yoga possess good fortune and they are very wealthy people and have some of the finest personality traits. They have good family life and this yoga has malefic side and it may limit the longevity of the native.
  9. Vaidhriti Yoga – This yoga is very good and the native born under this yoga is cheerful and possess a sporty spirit. The nature is soft with good qualities. This yoga makes the person very helpful and generous, but sometimes they may not get credit of what they deserve.

Various Yoga in astrology needs proepr calculations and analysis to attain full working of such yoga. Various yogas in astrology can help one to know exact weaknesses and strength dominated in life. If a person is too confused than formation of various yogas in astrology is a remarkable permutations and combinations to study birth chart of a person. Various Yoags in astrology imparts a clear pciture of native habits  and view towards life. Various Yogas in astrolgoy helps to give exact combinations of gemstone that is beneficial to a person.



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