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Vastu shastra for main entrance luck

Vastu Shastra for Main Entrance Luck

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that deals with the architecture and the structure of buildings that can obtain luck to the people. A good formation or setting of a place work in a scientific way and gives great benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhancing the wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. The main entrance of home should open to a pleasant surroundings because there should be a good feeling while entering your home. The entrance should not be cluttered with waste material or the things which are dull or have shadow cast by trees pr creepers plants.

The steps if made leading to the main door should end in even numbers and not in odd number. It should also face your neighbor’s main entrance wall. The main entrance should never face to a deserted or an abandon building.

Avoid making intersecting roads as it may lead to clashes and lead to chaos. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the main gate never faces an intersecting road. The main door should be larger than the other door in the house, and it should be built in a way that it is higher than or at a street level.

Shadows shouldn’t fall on the main door and the entrance of the house. It can bring bad omen to the house and the family members of the house.

It is inauspicious if the main door of the house and the door of the house and entrance door are on the same side of the house.

Avoid corner walls for main entrance door construction. It is best if couple of feet away from such junction.

The main entrance of the door should be sturdy. The material used should be of high quality. Avoid using metal for doors and frames. In construction mode, ensures that no cracks and other damages to the door because it is considered inauspicious.

The width of main entrance door should be made such that it is half the height of the door. Suppose if the door of the house is 10ft tall, the width should be 5ft wide.

Plants and trees such as Ashoka and bright colored flowers should be planted on the main entrance and the front door of the house. Avoid planting the trees and plants which has spines and which are dull in color.

Place statue of swan and peacock in the front door to attract luck. A fountain and a water fall is also considered auspicious for attracting luck in the house.



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