Venus & Jupiter Combination

Venus & Jupiter Combination

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in a Horoscope

Venus, the ruler of love and luxuries of life and Jupiter, the greater benefic, if conjoined in parallel is not so good for the horoscope as other conjunctions benefics with Jupiter, since though the benefic, they are natural remedies of themselves. Hence according to the Hindu astrology more prominence is given to the conjunctions of Mercury and Venus, waxing Moon and Jupiter, than to its conjunction, in the matter of giving material prosperity. Anyway the conjunction of these and other good aspects between these two highly benefic planets do certainly promises much good fortune and general good luck.

If a native has certain conjunction in the horoscope, then the native acquires wealth and honour and respect in all circles. A person is broad-minded in thoughts and actions and joyful. He enjoys good health and peace of mind and is always ready to help others He is also helped by the relative and the friends. He marries usually to one in a high circle and his wife is very pious and obedient. The person is capable of enjoying all the good fruits of life and will have nice buildings, vehicles and virtuous children.

If the position is adverse, then this makes a person extravagance both in thoughts and in money matters. The native may run into bankruptcy, or the person may lose heavily in money lending business. It is very difficult for him to strictly adhere to the sacred vows of marriage, and such deviations are likely to bring a train of sorrows. This aspect in the nativities of Kings is sure to endear them to their subjects since the undue magnanimity and benevolence on the part of the king are directed to the upliftment and interest of the ruled.

For detailed analysis birth chart details are needed.



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