Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

Venus and Jupiter combination in a Horoscope
Venus is the planet of love and luxuries and Jupiter is the greater benefic. The conjunction of these two planets are not good because both being by their natural benefic they are natural enemies. Hence according to Hindu astrology these two combinations are given more prominence to the conjunctions of Mercury and Venus, waxing Moon and the Jupiter, than to this conjunc, in the matter of giving material prosperity. If the position of planets in a horoscope is favorable then this conjunction can be highly benefic to the native and will bring fortune and good luck. The native acquires wealth and honor in all circles along with the respect. He enjoys good health will be kind hearted and jovial in his nature. He will marry usually to one with the high circle. He or she will be capable of enjoying all good fruits of life, to him fortune at all hours is kind, and the life will run smoothly. Further, kingly dignity and good attractive speech with enlivening features and magnetic aura will be his assets.

If the positions of these two planets are not in a benefic position then the square or opposition is not so bad as it usually happens in the case of the other planets. Hindu astrology speaks, a very highly of a planet situated in the Kendra position from another and the effect is enhanced if the two are benefic. The bad aspects, however, though compatible with the magnanimity or high birth or prominence bring on losses in business through too much charity, or through lavish expenditure in the performance of religious ceremonies, or through helping others without knowing one’s limit.

This aspect in the nativities of kings is sure to endear them to their subjects since the undue magnanimity and benevolence on the part of the king are directed to the upliftment and interest of the ruled.

When good by aspect, the native will have all social favor and make useful investments. There will be general rise in the career and much increase in the finance and will enjoy life with better cheer than before.

When bad by aspect, the native runs heavy expenditure and may often be in want of money and his health or his wife health may suffer through disorders of the blood. There would be some troubles in his family circle which tend to bring some losses to his prestige.



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