Ways to honor your mars

Ways to Honor Your Mars

Honor Your Mars
Mars ( Mangal ) is a fiery planet and is associated with the profession of army, administrator and police department. The presence of Mars in the horoscope can make on Manglik and non-Manglik. A position of mars in the first, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house makes one Manglik, thus creating a problem in getting suitable life partner for a girl or a boy. The placement of weak Mars in the horoscope is also not beneficial for the health. It can make one prone to blood-related disorders and less hemoglobin. Afflicted Mars also causes a short-tempered and highly arrogant person. Despite of all the negativities, there are certain measures or steps that can help to honor your Mars which can in return help to make it favorable. Let us look at some of them.

1. Every hour in a day is ruled by “hora”, so meditate or chant the mantra of mars during the “Mars” hora.

2. Mars also represents younger siblings so try to spend more time and attention to the need of your younger siblings. This helps to activate the positive energy of Mars.

3. Jot down your problems in a paper. It has the capacity to lead us to impulsive behaviors and decisions. If you feel irritated then immediately open a notebook and write down that comes into your mind. This is because Mars represents “ink” and this helps to exhaust your excess energy.

4. Try to listen to “Skanda” chants or “Hanuman Chalisa” on Tuesday. This day is ruled by Mars. Lord Skanda is associated with Mars and is also called as commander in chief.

5. Try to sleep on the floor because it is a great way to connect with Mars because it is also called as “Bhumi Devi” (Earth ).

6. Apply Kum Kum on your forehead to please Mars.

7. Listen to stories of Lord Narashima because Mars is represented by The Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu.

8. Blood donation is an effective way to honor Mars because mars represent “Blood”.

9. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

10. Wear red clothes on Tuesday to please Mars.

11. Perform rituals and pooja on a red asana on Tuesday.

12. Donate red food or fruits to the poor on Tuesday.

13. Manglik girl or boy should wear red coral or moonga on Tuesday.

14. Eat red sweets or fruits on Tuesday.



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