yellow sapphire finger to wear

Yellow Sapphire – Which Finger to Wear

Yellow Sapphire is also known as “Pukhraaj”, is one of the most crucial gemstone due to its auspicious association with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion and carries the virtue for sound health, prosperity, wisdom for those who wear it. It is known to be the most auspicious planet in the astrological science. If you want to avail all the good benefits in life, then you should be aware how to wear yellow sapphire or pukhraaj. Generally, it is not known by many people about the correct method of wearing yellow sapphire. Therefore in this article we are giving details about the procedure and the correct way of wearing yellow sapphire.

1) The first essential thing is to consult an expert astrologer so that you can know whether yellow sapphire suits you or not. If the position of Jupiter is favorable in the horoscope and if it has been shadowed due to some ill planet then wearing yellow sapphire can give positive result for the same.

2) Try to buy a natural and certified yellow sapphire gemstone because there are many gemstone seller selling fake gemstone in the name of yellow sapphire. Get authentic certificate from a reputed gem lab.

3) After buying yellow sapphire, choose metal that is most suited to this gemstone. Mostly gold and silver is used for making yellow sapphire ring. The stone should be fixed in gold or silver ring in a manner that it touches the human skin for getting the maximum amount of positive energy for the same.

4) The ideal weight of yellow sapphire or pukraaj gemstone should start from two carats to five carats. The power of gemstone enhances by increase in weight.

5) Yellow sapphire or Pukhraaj should be worn on Thursday because it is blessed by Jupiter.

6) Sit on northeast direction of your home on yellow color asana and dip the ring in either holy water or milk to remove the negative effect of the carried energy in the gemstone. This will help in the purification of the gemstone.

7) After taking out the ring from the water or milk, place it over the yellow color cloth with the Jupiter yantra and burn 5 incense sticks and offer yellow flowers to the yellow sapphire ring while chanting mantra for 108 times. “Aum Brim BrahaspatayeNamahAum”

8) Wear finger on the index finger of the right hand and make sure to activate the ring until a confined period. Effect of yellow sapphire ring last for 3 years, hence after three to four years ring should be changed.

9) Proper care should be taken of yellow sapphire ring for cleaning. The gemstone should be protected from harsh and rough surface.

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