Yellow sapphire for jupiter

Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire is worn for planet Jupiter.  In other words, it can also be called as “the Gem of Jupiter.”  Jupiter is regarded as a natural benefic planet and signifies good fate and fortune, divine elegance, ability of speech and knowledge.  Jupiter can give negative or positive results in one’s horoscope.  Negative Jupiter makes one dishonest and prone to face humiliation in life.  Also, if Jupiter is posited with malefic planets or is having the malefic aspects in the horoscope, then the results will be same.  Powerful or positive Jupiter bestows the person with immense success in every domain of life.  If we find that Jupiter is weakly placed in one’s chart, in debilitated state, or is in enemy sign, then the good or desired results

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Yellow Sapphire should be worn especially if Jupiter is giving bad or weak results in the chart.  Yellow Sapphire guarantees success and intensifies positive energy of the planet Jupiter.  Yellow Sapphire or Peela Pukhraj strengthens the weak position of Jupiter in a horoscope. Weak position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope may result in various ill outcomes relating to children, health, money, professional career and personal life.  Those who have a weakly positioned Jupiter in their horoscope, they should wear yellow sapphire in gold metal.

There are multiple benefits of Yellow Sapphire.  Yellow Sapphire or Peela Pukhraj benefits the wearer by protecting him from harm and it also bestows marital bliss, especially for women.  Yellow Sapphire bolsters one’s ability to act properly in untoward situations.  It also has great medical benefits.  It provides healing effects in kidney, cough, fever, and rheumatic ailments.  It also cures throat and skin related issues.  It prevents its wearer from accidental death.  Jupiter is regarded as most benefic planet.  Wearing Yellow Sapphire negates Jupiter’s malefic effects, which in turn provides the wearer immense success.

Quality-wise, a good yellow Sapphire should be clear to the eyes and golden yellow to lemon yellow in colour. Heat-treated Yellow Sapphire should be avoided, as heat-treated gems tend to be unworthy or useless for healing and energetic purposes.

Yellow gold rings or pendants are best suited for Yellow Sapphire.  If the Yellow Sapphire is set in rings, it should be worn in forefinger which is next to the thumb; however, it may also be worn in the ring finger which is next to the pinkie or little finger.

Though Jupiter is a natural benefic, it doesn’t mean that anyone can wear the Yellow Sapphire.  As far as how to wear the Yellow Sapphire and who can wear it is concerned, it is advised to first consult the person specialized in this field or an astrologer, as wearing wrong stone or gem can have negative effect on your life.

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