Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraaj) is the gemstone that represents planet Jupiter. It is the planet of growth and expansion. This yellow stone is recommended for giving the beneficial effect to the wearer. Yellow Sapphire is the most magnificent gemstone used for increasing the benefic aspect of Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire removes negative effect of Jupiter in a horoscope. An ill placement of Jupiter brings bad luck and loss of wealth in life. This is most beneficial for Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant.
Jupiter is the largest planet in a solar system, similarly brings the same luck and growth in the wearers life. It teats Vishudha Chakra and heals the same. Pukhraaj is the most wanted gemstone till now.

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire?
It is the beneficial gemstone for Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant.
It can be worn if there is benefic placement of Jupiter in a horoscope.
Pendants and finger rings are made for getting the good effect of this stone.
It should be made in a yellow metal such as gold or bronze.
Yellow Sapphire should be worn after proper energization on Thursday.
It is the most beneficial gemstone for eligible unmarried boy and girl for finding a suitable match.

In how many days it gives effect.
Yellow Sapphire –Pukhraaj shows its effect within 3 months of wearing.

Price of Yellow Sapphire
This is a precious gemstone so the price of it varies from 1000 per carat to more than 50,000 per carat. The Ceylon yellow sapphire is the most costly gemstone and it is found very rarely. If you are buying yellow sapphire Online in India, USA and UK, then make sure that you get a certificate of authenticity from a reputed lab such as IGI and GIA. There are many fake gemstone sellers, who sell fake gemstone in the name of yellow sapphire, so make sure to buy stone from a reputed and certified gemstone dealer.

Mantra for wearing
“Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah”

If you want to buy a natural yellow sapphire online, then you may visit our astro store or can also buy directly from our office.

Origin of Yellow Sapphire Stones
The source of this fascinated yellow color gemstone is mostly found from Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Russia.

In which finger Yellow Sapphire should be worn?
The stunning yellow sapphire should be worn in the Jupiter finger (index finger). It can also be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.



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