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Your Atmakaraka Planet

Your Atmakaraka Planet

What is that your soul desires? – This is revealed by the Atmakaraka planet!
What is Atmakaraka or Soul Planet?
We know that Atma is the main part of life. It means Karaka or Significator. Atmakaraka may be seen as a significator of the soul’s desire. In Vedic philosophy it has been described that soul is reborn because it has some unfinished work to do and to get an opportunity to satisfy them. What are those desires? Will they be satisfied? This may be revealed by Atmakaraka planet.

How is Atmakaraka calculated?
In the eighth planet, only one can be your Atmakaraka ( Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Ketu ) depending on the natal chart. The planet shows the highest degree and ignores the signs and is considered as Chara Atmakaraka.

There are certain points that need to be considered before checking the Atmakaraka planet.

House of Ak and its placement and the sign in the birth chart and all divisional chart.

Reading chart with AK ascendants.

The dasha and the bhukti’

Is Ak retrograde?

The nakshatras, which is associated with AK and its characteristics and qualities.

There are certain things you can uncover once you know about your Atmakaraka.

The position in which your atmakaraka is placed in your D9 Navmasha chart ).

The 9th house from Karakamsha that show spiritual progress.

Planets occupying the 5th house from Karakamsha will show you about your inherent talents and life path.

There is a popular technique devised by K.N. Rao which is to use the Karakamsha sign from the D9 chart as your ascendant in the birth chart and examine your birth chart.

Ishtadevata – Jivanmuktamsha
Atmakaraka is important in finding the role of your Ishtadevta. Your twelfth house from the Karakamsha in your D9 chart known as Jivanmuktamsha. If a planet is present there related to the deity, that planet becomes your Ishtadevta if not look for the ruler of that house.

Ishta Devatas of various planets are given below:
Sun – Lord Rama
Moon – Lord Krishna
Mars – Lord Narasimha
Mercury – Lord Buddha
Jupiter – Lord Vamana
Venus – Lord Parashuram
Saturn – Lord Kurma
Rahu – Lord Varaha
Ketu – Lord Mathsaya



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