Astrological oi

Astrological Oil

In ancient times, oils were derived from the various herbs relating to the planets and were burned in special lamps to reduce the malefic effect of certain planets. The oils related to various planets are as follows. These oils are highly beneficial to burn as a vapour in your house, it helps to balance all the planets in your birth chart.

Sun: A mixture of clove, frankincense, and musk: or pure sunflower oil.
Moon: A mixture of camphor, or sweet fern.
Mercury: A mixture of clove, incense, or wood moss.
Venus: Strawberry, or green lily oil
Jupiter: A mixture of aloes and the gum of the ash tree ground together; or jasmine.
Saturn: Ground poppy seeds with a few drops of oil of cinnamon or bergamot.

The aromas of the above oils are fantastic and a bit different from the usual incenses. In addition to their use in the form of perfume or cologne, they can be obtained as vapours, in which case a few drops are placed on a light bulb. When the lamp is turned on, you will smell the fragrance. These oils are very helpful to maintain good relations with your spouse, but according to your favourable and unfavourable planets in your birth chart.



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