Cause of male infertility

Cause of Male Infertility


What causes Male Infertility?
Male Infertility can be borne by various reasons. Male Infertility can be caused by problems that effect sperm production or the sperm transport process. There are various reasons that make a man infertile. Sperm should be of right shape and should be able to travel rapidly to fuse with the egg for pregnancy.

These causes can only be cured with the Ayurvedic Treatment for Azoospermia

Testicular factor

Testicular cancer.
Testicular infection.
Genetic defect
Abnormal chromosome.
DNA Damage
Common inherited variant in gene cause the male to be infertile.DNA mismatch repair is known to increase the risk of sperm. As the ageing continues there is a consistent decline in semen quality and this decline happens due to DNA damage
Tobacco smoking
Male smokers are the 30 per cent devoid to for successful fertilization of egg. There has been found that tobacco smoking kill sperm that leads to infertility in male. Smoking leads to increase cadmium as tobacco plant absorb this metal. Cadmium is similar to zinc that replaces it in the DNA polymerase and it leads to decline production of sperms. (Azoospermia/Oligospermia) Ayurvedic Treatment is the only Treatment to cure Azoospermia

Hormonal problems
Sometimes pituitary gland doesn’t send right hormonal message to the testis and this leads to low level of testosterone hormone. Low level of testosterone hormone can lead to low sperm count. (Azoospermia/Oligospermia)

Pre-Testicular causes – Pre-Testicular cause refers to the condition that impedes adequate and right support to the testis and include poor general health and poor well being.

Hypogonadotrophic due to various causes.
Hypogonadotrophic increases due to Obesity. Obesity causes leptin insensitivity in the hypothalamus.
Cystis Fibrosis causes missed or obstructed vas deferens(tube connected to the testis to the urethra; it carries sperm from epididimys to the ejaculatory duct and urethra)
Overheating the testicle due to sauna bath or working in very hot environment can raise the temperature of the testicle
Medications that affect spermatogenesis and include chemotherapy, steroids, cimetidine; those that decrease FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) such as fenytoin.
Low Sperm Count (Azoospermia/Oligospermia)-A man ejaculates lower number of sperm as compared to normal men. Sperm concentration should be 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

GOD has created the universe. Five elemental forces of Nature are present that governs the whole universe. Procreation is the main and very essential element of all. Procreation, in other words, can be mean as recreation. Procreation in parallel form is desire to produce own species through sexual acts. Fundamentals of nature Prakriti and Purush are the driving force that represents Male and female gender.

AvyayamatOver relaxation or spending lazy life.
Ativyavayat-Over indulgence and too much sexual activity.
Vyayamat-Over exertion or too much physical activity can lead to infertility or defect in sperm.
Asatmyanam Cha Sevant- Eating over fried and too much-salted food, frozen food, food without any nutritional value. Hectic life style can lead to rakta and pitta dosha and this may lead to shukra kshaya (low sperm count)
Akale-It denotes not at the appropriate time i.e. before the desirable age of 16 in female and 18 in male or beyond the age of 65 or 70 where body is in the phase of debility .Its other aspect include sexual intercourse about 5 to 6 times a day that can lead to shukra dhatu.
Maithunan Na Cha Gachataha-Over suppression of sexual urge can lead to Infertility.

Apart from this trauma to the genital organs, generalized debility, muscle weakness and stress can also lead to erectile dysfunction



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