Emerald and sex drive

Emerald and Sex Drive in Astrology

Emerald and Sex Drive are not associated with each other. Emerald is the gemstone of communication, wealth and understanding. There are various lies associated with this gemstone. Internet is flooded with information which is not true. There is one myth associated with this beautiful and powerful gemstone. Yes, it is true that Mercury is a barren planet and sometimes people associated with this planet have low interest in sex, or if Mercury is in 7th house, it also reduces the interest in physical pleasure. This is just because Mercury associated people are inclined more towards productive work and sometimes workaholic tendency may become a hurdle in sexual pleasure. So everything should be balanced in life because sex is one of the most important needs for a human body, the scarcity of which can lead to various physical and mental health problem.

People are in fear sometimes, thinking that it may reduce the good physical intimacy between the couple. Tension, fear and anger may grip one on hearing that wearing Emerald can cause decreased libido. Accordingly, we should search for relevant information but not knowledge on google.  This is because you will not find a single website giving accurate and perfect information.

Role of Vedic Astrology in Sex

It has been found, for the correct analysis of sex and libido, Vedic astrology takes into account the role of 6 factors in the horoscope besides information and other combinations in a chart. These are primarily as follows:

  • The Ascendant lord is the main because it controls the physical make up and is responsible for personality of the person.
  • The 7th house of marriage. If Saturn is posited in 7th house, then there may be a scarcity of bed comfort.
  • The 12th lord of bed pleasure. If malefic planet is there in the 12th house, there could be barren sex life of a couple.
  • Combination of Venus and Saturn in a horoscope. This is because Saturn is the planet of restriction and it restricts the urge of Venus for physical pleasure.
  • Position of planet Venus in afflicted house.
  • Position of planet Mars in the horoscope, because it denotes energy and bed pleasure, but if in a good position in the horoscope.

Therefore, we can see that no role of Mercury is here for minimizing the bed pleasure between the couple. So “how is emerald going to affect sex life”?

Emerald Gemstone for Newly Weds

The Emerald gemstone is one of the most brilliant and beautiful gemstones of beryl family. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and this is the planet of humour and communication in a relationship. This gem is brilliant for imparting lovely relationship between newly weds. Libido can be increased by Ayurveda

Mercury has no role to play at all on libido, in fact since ancient time it is well known that if it is gifted to someone you love, there would be an increase in the love and bonding between two individuals. Newly weds can wear emerald without any fear. But before wearing emerald, be sure to wear original Colombian or Zambian emerald. There are many gemstone sellers in the market selling fake emerald in the name of natural emerald. So ask for the certificate of authenticity when you are going to buy original emerald gemstone. Wear emerald without any fear, it will have no impact on your sex drive. If you’re suffering from low libido, you can opt for Ayurvedic remedies.



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