Fasting for Shani Deva

Fasting for Lord Shani Deva

Fasting for Shani Deva– Greatest of all Remedies

Fasting for Lord Shani Deva! Sounds good. Fasting for Saturn brings numerous benefits. Lord Shani is the planet of justice as we all know. He is one of the misunderstood deity and people fear him like anything. Shani Deva is the karmic planet and helps one to repent the deeds of their karmas. BlueSapphire is the lucky gemsotne for propelling Saturn. Fasting for Shani Deva is very useful for inculcating positve effects of Saturn.

Saturn – Your Karmic Imprint

Lord Shani is the karmic imprint of your karma. Whatever you have done in either of your past life or your present life, it reopens the door of your karmic deeds. It is the time when Saturn comes to rescue and to wake up and shake your life. The way Saturn do his duty is not so appealing but it gives the lesson that you have to learn for the same.

There are many remedies for Saturn, but the most effective one is the fast.

The fasting for Lord Shani Deva begins on Saturday and after the new moon in the month of Shravana and remains till 16 consecutive Saturdays.

This year the fasting for Lord Shani Deva will starts on 11th August and ends on 24th of November 2018.

Saturday, August 11th is a complex day due to the partial solar eclipse, no moon day and tithi Gandanta. Therefore, it is even more important and effective to worship Saturn.

How to perform the Saturn Fast

  1. August 11th for 16 consecutive Saturdays.
  2. It would be wise if you woke up early and take bathe and meditate for a while.
  3. Chant Saturn mantras – Om Nilanajana Samabhasam, Ravi putram Yamagrajam Chhaya Martanda Sambhutham, Tam Namami Shanischaram or Shani Beeja mantra which is Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanicharaya Namaha or a simple mantra – Om Sham Shri Shanaishcharaya Namaha 108 times or more.
  4. If possible, light sesame oil during sunset but usually on Saturday.
  5. Avoid alcohol and non-veg on Saturday.
  6. Do not keep any negative feelings for anyone.
  7. Try to donate food to the poor and the needy people.



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