How To Honor Jupiter

How To Honor Jupiter

How to Honor Jupiter?
Jupiter is also known as ‘Guru’ in Hindi. It is the planet of growth and expansion. The presence of benefic Jupiter in a horoscope helps one to attain happiness, wealth and success early in life. Girl’s horoscope with good placement of Jupiter helps to get a good life partner in the life.

1. Jupiter represents teacher and Gurus in one’s life so honoring them is one of the greatest services to Jupiter.

2. Jupiter is the ruler of Thursday. Fasting on Thursday helps to increase the good effects of Jupiter.

3. Meditation is also good for propelling the malefic effect of Jupiter. Listening to Jupiter chants during Jupiter Hora is another way to connect to the Jupiter energy. Hora means Hour.

4. Listen to Dakshinanurthy Stotram or Guru Stotram.

5. Try to teach the poor children without any expectation.

6. Read stories that depict about Gurus like Adi Shankaracharya, Shirdi Sai baba especially on Thursday.

7. Read stories about Vamana Avatar because he is connected with Jupiter.

8. Try to hold your negative thoughts and be positive in your thinking.

9. Brihaspati was a scholar – so read ancient scriptures as it will help to activate the positive effects of Jupiter. Some main examples of ancient scriptures are Yoga sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, Bhakti Sutras, Yoga Vashishta.

10. Chant mantras that are related to Jupiter on Thursday.

11. Try to meditate on the Jupiter Yantra because it will help to bring success.



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