Jade and Its Significance

Jade and Its Significance

Jade and its significance
Jade gemstone is a green tumbled stone that is a symbol of love and purity. It is much prized in the east and signifies wisdom. This green stone is associated with the heart chakra and heals the same. Jade gemstone stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind with the body. Mentally, it is very useful in releasing the negative thoughts of the mind and the body. Jade is also called as ‘dream stone’, as it helps the wearer to fulfill their dreams.
It is not considered just a stone in chine, but a symbol of significance, wealth and wisdom. In China, it has been stated that “ Gold has a value, but jade is invaluable”, means its value cannot be defined. There are two types of jade composed of different minerals made of jadeite and Nephrite. Nephrite is creamy with an oily luster and jadeite carries more values due to its glassy luster and hardness. Jadeite can be carved into artifacts and it is very famous in China.

Spiritually, jade is used for assisting in recognizing oneself and also helps the wearer to attain the human journey and awakens the hidden knowledge. Jade is also famous as a cleansing stone and aids the body in the filtration process. It is the stone oar excellence for the healing of kidney; jadeite and nephrite both have the same healing properties.

Jade gemstone is considered as a cultural symbol of china, the Beijing Olympics medals were inlaid with Jade disc on the observe side. In the past, the powerful and the prosperous aristocrats people love to wear jade suits, it was made by joining the pieces of jade with the help of wire and whole body without leaving on any exposed part. Jade is also known as a stone of protection and therefore it is considered as an ideal gift for the someone you love. It is a powerful healer of the heart chakra. It is alo called as chinese jade.

Jade colors
Jade is mostly seen in the green color but these are also found in some specific colors such as –
Brown Jade – It is a strongly grounding stone and it connects the earth and brings comfort and reliability.
Orange Jade – It is energetic and a stimulating stone.
White Jade – It is a stone that directs the energy in the most constructive way.
Yellow Jade – It is an energetic and a stimulating stone. It has a mellowness and brings joy and happiness for the wearer. It teaches and in interconnect the well being.
Green Jade – This is a symbol of love and peace. It brings the inner peace and brings steady progress in the life of the wearer.
Lavender jade – It removes the depression and alleviates the emotions and calms the nervous system. It clears boundaries of the emotional trauma.
Red Jade – This is the most passionate jade of all and is associated with love and helps to let off the negative emotions. It accesses anger and releases tensions.
Blue Jade – This is a symbol of love and peace. It harmonizes the dysfunctional relationships and helps in healing the past trauma and emotions.



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