Jupiter transit in Leo 2015

Jupiter Transit In Leo 2015

Jupiter Transit 2015
Jupiter the most beneficial planet is transiting to Leo on 14th July 2015. It is leaving Cancer, its sign of exaltation to transit through Leo. Jupiter is the planet of success, growth, luck, divine grace, opportunities, abundance, and protection. It is forming a partial Shiv Raj Yoga. This is one of the finest positions of Jupiter. It will remain in the Leo till August 11, 2016. Request your personalized prediction based on your birth chart Register

Jupiter will be in your 5th house of children, creativity, education and past life karmas. For students, it is a good time to take any educational pursuits. Children will give you enormous happiness. Professional can expect changes and promotions. On the domestic front, all will be happy and things will be stable. An auspicious ceremony can bring happiness and cheers !!!!! Making money could be relatively easier during this period.

Jupiter is transiting your 4th house of comfort. Things will be very smooth and all your expectation will be fulfilled. On, the career front a huge success is indicated. You will rise above your emotional problems. There is a probability of buying a new vehicle and house during this period. People will appreciate you for hard work and dedication.

Jupiter in your 3rd house, it is a very good time to re-associate with your loved ones. You will be appreciated for your communication. Short distance travel is on the cards. This transit will bring rewards, recognition, and accolades. You will develop self-confidence and will get huge support from friends and colleagues.

For cancer, it is a very fortunate period. Jupiter will transit your 2nd house, the house of family and wealth. There will be huge financial gains and investment will give you a big profit. Family life will be full of happiness and charm. Your interest in philosophy and astrology will rise to a great extent. From January 2016, there can be some problem to your health as Rahu will be transiting your 2nd house.

This transit will be beneficial for you as Jupiter will move into your house of marriage and partnership. You will be full of optimism and self-confidence. You will be highly generous during this period. Others will easily trust you and will have faith in you. Those who are planning to get married can fulfill their desire.

Jupiter will enter the 12th house for Virgo native. There can be some foreign association during this period. Indulgence will bring happiness and you will attract towards the creative shades. Be careful regarding too many expenses during this period. You will be very generous towards charity and the needy people.

For one year, you will happy with the easy gains. Jupiter will transit your 11th house, which is the house of gains and popularity. You will do very well in the profession and academically. You will get reward and recognition during this period. You will be naturally lucky in fulfilling your dreams. Your popularity will be on the rise.

Jupiter will transit your 10th house of career. This period will be favourable for your professional life. You might some new profession during this period. You will have an enormous urge to attain more knowledge about your profession with the authority figures. You will be highly respected in the workplace.

Jupiter will transit your house of destiny. You will meet success in your professional life. You will be religious and attracted towards the spiritual world. You will be highly positive during this period. Wealth, fame and success will give you new heights in the life.

This transit will give good result as other sun sign as it will transit your 8th house. It is related to obstruction and delays. Try to avoid any investment during this period. You will possess a vibrant energy and enthusiasm during this period. But don’t take any decision in haste.

For Aquarius, this transit is will bring extremely positive period. Jupiter will transit your 7th house, the house of marriage. Those who are planning to get married will find the right partner during this period. It is an excellent time for relationship and friendship. You will come across people who are optimistic and energetic.

Jupiter will enter your 6th house, related to health. Try to be careful regarding your health. People who are diabetic need to pay attention during this period. On the professional front, luck will kiss you. You will be rewarded for your hard work. Finance will demand some attention. There could be some legal entangle during this period.

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