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Rahu In Ardra Nakshatra 2019

Rahu, the shadow planet of ambition and obsession is now in Ardra nakshatra, pada (part) four, from September 12th to November 12th 2019. Ardra belongs to Rahu-ruled nakshatra in Gemini, a zodiacal sign where it is strong feel at homely, so as well as good communication, it brings a deep underlying emotional intensity.

In this transition, one is focused on big desires and Rahu has an inventive and intelligent way of working that finds new solutions and works around the issues of the material world. One can also dive into psychic research, counseling and the cutting away of outworn or unnecessary elements from your life.  These may be personal, relationship-oriented or professional, but Rahu is now working at the peak of its powers.

Pada Four of this nakshatra aligns with Pisces navamsha, so in addition to Ardra’s usual association with therapy and analysis, there is an especially caring and empathic side. This pada is also known as ‘Pushkara navamsha’, where planets have a particular strength over and above their usual influence. One can have a great insight into people’s suffering and appreciate in a real-world way exactly the experiences they have to live through.

Ardra’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘Effort’, and Rahu offers not only warm words but actual practical therapies. This nakshatra is ruled over by Rudra that is the Storm God, which represents inner, emotional storms and rain, which shows overpowering sensations bubbling up from within and it is good now to give free-rein to your feelings.

Ardra’s symbol denotes a teardrop and a personal catharsis which shows an experience which is truly hitting home, and if anything has to be welcomed rather than escaped. It carries the duality of Gemini and is also known for a detached and steely manner in the face of an extreme feeling, and one can be strong for someone now- and for yourself- and do what needs to be done.

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