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Remedies for Ketu ruled Nakshatras

Remedies for Ketu Ruled Nakshatras

The planets placed in the Ketu Nakshatras denote the rebirth. It shows the birth to address pending Karmas.

The Ketu nakshatra is placed between the gandanta point between the water and the fire signs. It represents a sudden end to the karma which has been associated with the previous lifetimes. The planets placed represent a pending karma recommencing in the lifetime. Ketu Nakshatra acts like bookmarks and helps in the activation of the associated nakshatras and it depends on the dash and antar-dasha of the related planet placed here.

Ashwini Nakshatra – If you gaze pre-dawn sky, it will help you to charge you with positive energy. The Ashwini Kumaras are known as the initiator of the dawn and hence watching the eastern horizon just before the Sunrise.

Magha Draw your family tree

If you’ll make your family tree, you may get the blessings of your ancestors and this nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris.


Mula is represented by reticulated roots and if you need a peace that doing a bit of gardening or walking in the garden can help you a lot. Try to gaze the sky while walking.



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