Rhodonite Gemstone

Rhodonite Gemstone

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Rhodonite is a gemstone of brotherhood and humanity. It is an excellent emotional balancer. It has the ability to show both sides of your problems. Rhodonite clears and activates the heart and the heart chakra. It enhances meditation and aligns your soul more closely to the spiritual vibration. It is also called as a “first aid stone”, Rhodonite cures emotional shock and panic also.

It is usually found in Pink or Red in color. Its surface is mottled often with flecked and black spots all over the surface. It is very easily obtained. It is mainly found in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.


Rhodonite is extremely beneficial in emotional self-destruction. It clears emotional wounds and scars from your past life. It issued for past life healing. It promotes selfish self-love and forgiveness from your life. This is a useful stone to turn back your negative attitude and anger. Rhodonite balances and integrates your physical and mental energies. It builds up self-confidence and alleviates confusion form your life.


Rhodonite activates the pineal gland and increases your intuitive guidance. It aligns the chakras and removes blockages from your physical body. It is gently pink ray.

Rhodonite in Gems Therapy

Pink Rhodonite is used to stimulate a feeling of kindness and concerns. It helps you to connect generously with the inner soul. It helps you to understand your dreams.

Rhodonite is used traditionally since ancient times for healing circulatory disorders. It is used for healing blood related disorders. It is considered excellent for the immune system.

Traditionally, it is used for curing shock, trauma and multiple sclerosis. It is considered best for healing wounds.
In Gems therapy, Rhodonite is used as a meditating and grounding stone. It is also used to boost energy in your life.

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