Side Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone represents Sun, the planet of glory and wisdom. It imparts calculated strength to the wearer. Ruby / Manik gemstone is very good for the person who have well-placed Sun in the horoscope. It doesn’t have any side effects to the wearer with beneficial Sun in the horoscope. The gemstone doesn’t have any side effects. In facts the gemstones helps one to combat the negative effect of the plants and bestows one with wealth, good health and prosperity. Gemstones hold the characteristics of their corresponding lord planet. In the same way, Ruby bestows the characteristics of the Sun and it works according to the role of Sun in the horoscope of a person.
Wearing a ruby ring helps to get the power of the Sun. The energies corresponding from it helps to attain glory and wisdom in the life but now it depends on the role of Sun as whether it is benefic or malefic as per your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign. Hence it is necessary to know your Ascendant and Moon sign before wearing Ruby gemstone.

The side effects of Ruby gemstone / Sun’s role have corresponding two views.

Ascendant and Moon zodiac View
If the position of Sun is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in your horoscope, then it will play a negative effect in your life such as fever, ulcer, enmity, debt, death and expenses etc. So it’s better to avoid Ruby gemstone as it will enhance the power of Ruby that can aggravate the negative conditions of life. Ruby gemstone is the favorable gemstone for the Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo Ascendant/ Moon zodiac sign. But before wearing Ruby / Manik gemstone it is better if you consult an experienced astrologer because the placement of Sun may vary according to the horoscope and it gives the same effect as per its placement.

Placement View
If the Sun is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in your horoscope equally being the lord of good houses, it also plays the same role as mentioned above. So in this condition Ruby cannot be adopted.

Power View
If the Sun is the lord of benefic house and also placed in good house then Ruby gemstone can be adopted in the condition the power of Sun in your horoscope is between 0-9 degrees or between 21-30 degrees. But if the Sun is between 10-20 degrees in your horoscope then Sun will act as a self-sufficient to give the full result without the help of Ruby gemstone. In this case, if one adopts wearing Ruby gemstone, the power of Sun becomes overdose hence balance of other elements in the body gets disturbed.
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