strength of planet satun

Strength of Planet Saturn

Saturn is the planet of justice. It is associated with Saturn. It is also called as Shani Deva in Hindi. Just like the Moon, an important planet for Balarishta Yoga, i.e. early death of child. Saturn is the important planet for Sanyaas Yogas. Most of the people is faced with ill effects of Saturn such as drunkards and sad song listeners.

People who are deeply associated with Saturn doesn’t talk much about their wives and remains busy in their own world. They avoid extra talk as it can create fights. Saturn is powerful wisdom planner in a person. Its opposite signs are Cancer and Leo. The combined effects of Moon and Sun focusing on Saturn’s houses make one Sage. Saturn is the lord of the house of gains (11th Lord in the natural horoscope) and Gains doesn’t imply just material but spiritual too.

Therefore, Saturn produces detachment or Vairagyaa and one may choose either the Bottle or Spiritual throttle to gear up himself spirituality. People who are Taurus ascendant and Libra ascendant are highly dominated by the planet Saturn. In their horoscope, Saturn is the main planet that comes under the category of the Yogkaraka Graha. Saturn occupies 10 th and 11 th house in the Taurus ascendant and it gives benefit to both the houses. Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius moon sign. People who are ruled by this spiritual plane are benevolent, true and very honest but if the placement of Saturn is in the benefit house of the horoscope.



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