Top Benefits of Larimar Gemstone

Top Benefits of Larimar Gemstone

Larimar is a semiprecious gemstone found in Dominican Republic and Bahamas. It is translucent, smooth with whorls of colors or white veins through the base of the color also known as “Dolphin Stone”. It is found in blue, blue-green, gray or white color. This gemstone is readily available in the gemstone market and in jewelry shops. Although Larimar is a semi-precious gemstone, it has a widening effect when wear as a pendant and beads kept in the pocket. Some benefits of Larimar, which makes it a unique gemstone are-
Larimar is a spiritual stone and helps to connect to the divine.
• Larimar opens up the new dimensions and stimulates evolution of the earth.
• Larimar effortlessly induces a deeply meditative state in a man.
• Larimar dissolves the feelings of self-sabotage behaviour, especially a tendency toward martyrdom.
• Larimar facilitates healing of past life relationships.
• Larimar brings serenity and clarity of thoughts and feelings.
• Larimar connects to the energy of the earth helping women to reattune to their innate feminist.
• Larimar brings calmness and brings equilibrium of thoughts. It is a powerful antidote to emotional extremes and removes bipolar disorders.
• Larimar stimulates the third eye chakra and removes attached infinities.
• Larimar heals trauma to the heart and reconnects to the natural playfulness and joyful childlike nature.
• Larimar facilitates angelic contact and communication with other realms.
• Larimar is an excellent stone for those seeking a soulmate.
• Larimar beads if placed on a painful spot, it will draw out the pain effectively.
• Larimar is helpful for cartilage and throat infection.
• Larimar is useful for alleviating guilt and removes fear.
• Larimar is useful in the energy blockages in the chest, head and neck.
• Larimar counteract earth energy and imbalances the geopathic stress.
• Larimar raises the consciousness and harmonizes the body and the soul.
• Larimar enables to meet challenges during the period of stress.



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