Vastu and Pooja Room

Vaastu-Pooja room Information

Vaastu and Puja Room

In the present day of apartment culture, there is no scope for separate puja room, store room or study room. The location of Pooja room should be such that its sanctity should be maintained.

*Pooja room should not be made under the staircase.

* Pooja room should be constructed in the northeast portion of the house. Sun rays keep the northeast well lit and free from bacteria and positive energy are more. So north-east direction is chosen.

*It is not advisable to have an inbuilt pooja place. It is better to have it on the wall in the north-east direction and may go for wooden pooja temple.

*Pooja room shouldn’t be made in the bedroom.

*Don’t keep more than one idol of the particular lord. It can create tension.

*Pooja room should be not constructed in front of main entrance.

*Lord Hanuman should be kept facing south and other deity and Lord facing towards east.

*Pooja room should be in the ground place and not in the basement.

*In a big space, pooja room can be in the center of the house.

*Toilet and washroom should be avoided near or above the pooja room.

*Idols should be placed on north direction.

*Avoid broken idols or torn pictures.

*The lamp should be kept in front of Idols.

*Door to the Pooja room should have two shutters.

*Pooja room should have a low ceiling. False ceiling can also be used.

COLOURS IN POOJA ROOM– white /light blue and light yellow should be used. Marble work is recommended for pooja room.



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