Plants and Planets In Astrology

Plants and Planets In Astrology

Plants and Planets In Astrology

Introduction– Plants and Planets are interrelated in Astrology. Ever since the birth of human being on planet earth, man is dependent on the natural resources for their livelihood. The story of civilization shows a very deep knowledge about the use of these natural resources. From the very beginning of the life, man is continuously using the plants to sustain their basic requirement.

Stars and Planets act as a pointer for auspicious and inauspicious effect on your life. The planets exert their effect on plants and their medicinal properties too. You go through different situations in life, and it affects both your health and your family life. According to Astrology, if in your house, you implant plants according to your planets and zodiac, it will help to remove obstacles of your life. Plants related to Planets can help you to grow in each phase of your life. It will help you to bring a positive vibration in your life. You can implant the plants according to the planets nearby your house, terrace of your house, your garden or park nearby you.

Plants and Planets according to the zodiac

LEO– Sun is the main planets of this zodiac. People of this zodiac should implant tree of Bale (Aegele marmelos) and if not possible, should try to donate fruit of this plant.

CANCER-Moon is the main lord of this sign. Mahogany or Japanese tree is very beneficial for this sign.

ARIES/SCORPIO-Mars is the ruling lord of these two sign. People of this sign should implant Pomegranate.if mars is weak in your sign then, try to eat pomegranate or donate this fruit.

VIRGO/GEMINI-Mercury is the lord of this sign. Orange, Lemon and other Citrus fruit is good for you. Plant trees or donate lime fruits.

SAGITTARIUS/PISCES-Jupiter is the lord of this two sign. Implant Banana and Banyan tree in your garden. You can also perform pooja on Thursday for these plants.

TAURUS/LIBRA-Venus is the lord of these two sign. You will get very good benefit by implanting coconut tree. You will also get a good result if mango and papaya tree is implanted in your house.

CAPRICORN/AQUARIUS-Saturn is the main lord of these two zodiac sign. Try to implant Peepal and Neem tree in your house. Black grapes and Cheeku will also give a good result. You can also eat the fruits or donate them to reduce malefic effect of your planets.


Navratan garden gives a very positive effect. It releases positive vibrations. It is helpful to tame malefic and retrograde planets.

It reduces the negative vibes of your life and brings positive and excellent vibrations for your health, wealth and future growth.

It helps to keep all the family members in sound health and keep the environment clean and clear.

These Navratan plants will show a very good effect if you implant them in an auspicious direction and time.

How Plants are connected with the Planets

MERCURY-Herbs like Acrimony, lavender, fenugreek, and orange. Trees of Mulberry and ironwood are linked to this planet.

VENUS– Herbs like Dog rose, daisy, alkanet, thyme, lady wantel. Trees like Pea tree, birch tree, mango and neem will give good to your planets.

MARS-Herbs are Basil, garlic, mustard and nettle. Trees that are beneficial include Camphor, hop tree, Jamaica peeper.

JUPITER-Herbs like Dandelion, hyssop, lemon balm. Trees that can be implanted are Chestnut, date palm tree, maple, teak tree, lemon tree.

SATURN-Herbs are Arnica, belladonna, cannabis and knotgrass. Trees that are beneficial include almond, Peepal, gingko and olive tree.

URANUS- Shrubs like Paraguay for this planet.

THE MOON– Herbs like Irish moss, orpine. Trees that are beneficial are Fringe, Japanese tree and mahogany.

THE SUN-Herbs like Angelica, rosemary, eyebright and juniper. Trees that are beneficial include Walnut, ash tree, and dragon’s blood.

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