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Saturn Retrograde on 11th May 2020 at 9.27 am

The word retrograde in astrology means a planet moving backwards from Earth in its own orbit. Saturn Retrograde is one of the astrological events  when the sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn, appears to be moving backward from Earth. Before Saturn becomes retrograde it enters into a retrograde zone and its pace becomes sedate. Before the particular planet becomes parked, and moves into backward direction, it moves forward with a slow moving pace. Saturn remains in motionless position for some moments until it starts moving backward. Saturn retrograde in 2020 will start from May 11t and continue till 28th of September 2020. This particular event has numerous repercussions and affects our horoscope.

Characteristics of Saturn:

Saturn is a planet of discipline, punctuality, responsibility, perseverance, authority, destitution, hardship, and a great task master.

On the social and political front also, Saturn retrograde presents a unique and distinctive change. The year 2020 will witness several changes on the global field.

Individual horoscopes influenced by Saturn Retrograde.

For the majority of the people this period will bring some hard work, adjustment and revaluation of their structure. Check out how this astrological event will affect you.


Those who are born in the month of April and May the focus will be on increasing your social network. You have more favorable relationships, and also people around you can benefit more with their relationship with you.


Dear Taurus the effect of Saturn will fall on your beliefs and thoughts. You may feel the need to question your belief and analyze your systems of beliefs and thoughts.


The Saturn season will ask you to think deeper about the various aspects of your life. Although by nature you are expressive and talk about everything but most of the time you stay surface. Time will demand to retrospect from within. Gemini Horoscope


Dear Cancer, the year 2020 is the challenging year for you. You may face hardship especially in the field of your love relationship. What you need to do is to change your attitude and bring more passion which can promote happiness. Never be scared of expressing your feelings and emotions.


Dear Leo, the focus of Saturn is more on challenges which it will bring in your workspace. Be patient, stay humble and be very cautious about your expression when you handle a critical situation. Finance and health also demands your attention.


In the case of Virgo, Saturn will ask you to be more humorous. To live an accomplished life you have to nurture your hobbies and passion.


Saturn retrograde 2020 will test your relationship with your family. It also depends on the stage of your life you are presently living. For example, if you are trying to be more individualistic, the effort should be to grow up and detach a bit from your family. And on the other hand if you have been away for a long time from your family, it is time to focus on them.

As usual use your wise and diplomatic nature to yield great results from it.


Saturn retrograde demands your attention towards your career. To begin with you may face struggle, obstacles but keep your perseverance and hard work moving as it will bring success to you.


Dear Sagittarius, keep an eye on the way you spend. Bring a balance in  your financial life. Life may bring various phases depending on how you bring changes for your balanced existence.


Capricorn, you are here to share determination and maintain your values strong and dynamic. But due to the change in energy you need to find flexibility in between. Dear Capricorn even if you dislike change, keep your heart and wisdom alert.


You are always an owner of great imagination capacity and creativity. With Saturn changing its direction, you will experience change in life and your own creativity. Additionally make an effort to be grounded and humble to others. Be humble yet do not hesitate to share your ideas with others.


The year of 2020 may be the history of mankind, and you are here to be a part of this transformation. Make sure you live in a pleasant manner so that you can contribute to this historic transformation through your good feelings and compassion.

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