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Ruby stone astrology

Ruby Stone Astrology

Ruby is also known as ‘Manik’ in Hindi. The remarkable quality of Ruby makes it the best quality gemstone. There are various sources of Ruby, but the Ruby mined from Thailand. The major areas from where rubies are mined are Cambodia, Burma, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Rubies have been found in the U.S. State of Montana, South Carolina and North Caroline as well as big rubies found in Greenland.

According to Hindu astrology, Sun is the planet which rules ruby. Ruby stone being the Gemstone of Surya and it helps to strengthen the skeleton system. Those who are suffering from weak digestive system and low RBC system can get immense benefit after wearing Ruby.

If Sun is the weak depositor and if you’re facing the health problems like hypertension and lung diseases or back bone problem then this gem can help to get rid of the so caused problem. Wearing ruby helps a lot to get rid of the blood related disorders.

Ruby like all Gemstones is valued according to its Color, Cut, Clarity and Crystal.

  1. It helps to improve the concentration and also helps to get better concentration and also helps to achieve something in life.
  2. It improves the natural process of RBC building and helps in fighting anemia and gives a gowing skin

Ruby Lore

There are few other gemstones and they have myth, lore, romance surrounding them as rubies. Over the centuries many cultures have been associated with them symbolically with the wealth and power. One of the chief attractions was the protection from misfortune and illness and they are supposedly afforded by their lucky owners.

As the science of gemology developed, many historically important rubies, such as the famed Black Prince’s Ruby of the British crown jewels, proved to be other red gems were famous. Ruby gemstone is very important stone of all.

Which ruby gemstone is the best?

There are various gemstones in the market but the best quality gemstone consists of good colour, clarity and cut. There are various gemstone sellers who sell fake red colour gemstone in the name of Ruby. If you’re buying ruby get sure to get a certificate of authentication from a reputed gem lab. The best quality ruby gemstone has pigeon blood red colour, smooth surface with little inclusion on the surface. A fake gemstone is completely like a mirror and transparent in appearance. If you’re looking to buy natural ruby gemstone then you can do visit the astro store of You can buy natural ruby gemstone here.

Ruby stone jewelry

Ruby is from dark red to light pink in colour. Since long time, ruby is used in the jewelry to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. It is widely used for making engagement ring and jewelry. Sometimes, people don’t want to wear jewelry made in finger. In such case, ruby stone can be worn as a piece of jewelry such as necklace, pendant and earring.

Price of Ruby Stone

Price of ruby stone depends on the cut, color and the clarity of the stone. The best quality ruby gemstone can be found between the price of INR4000 per carat to INR 10,000 per carat. Try to get original certificate of ruby gemstone before buying ruby stone.



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